July 23, 2019


Troy Legislators Propose Funding For Early Voting Location in the City of Troy

On Thursday, July 11, 2019, the Troy City Council passed a resolution allocating $7,500 to cover half the cost of an early voting site in the City of Troy contingent upon the Rensselaer County Legislature passing a similar resolution matching the allocated funds.

The Minority Office is filing a resolution for the August 13 meeting to have an early voting polling place added within the city limits. “Troy makes up 33% of the countywide population, of which 72 percent of the residents, including the elderly, minority, poor, as well as students, do not own personal vehicles and rely solely on walking and the use of public transportation, something that would disproportionally impact their access to the current sites”, said Minority Leader Peter Grimm.

“The official early voting sites are currently in Schodack and Brunswick, miles from the City of Troy. The early voting initiative was intended to make it easier for voters to cast their ballot. Travel to these sites by public transportation (CDTA) is, in fact, a hindrance, and not a help to voters! Brunswick Town Office is over 2 miles past the last bus stop. Schodack Town Hall is accessible only from a bus that leaves from Albany”, said Legislator Mark Fleming.

“The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and it is crucial that Troy has an early voting site to ensure that the constituents can accomplish their civic duty in a reasonable manner,” stated Deputy Minority Leader Cindy Doran.

The resolution to provide matching funding is attached