February 23, 2021


Rensselaer County Minority Files Law to End Animal Abuse by Repeat Offenders

The Rensselaer County Legislature Minority Office filed a Local Law today to establish an animal abuse registry in Rensselaer County.  Along with Albany County, Rensselaer County will join 20 other New York State (NYS) counties in the fight to end the serious problem of animal cruelty that continues to happen in NYS. “This legislation will establish an online registry for individuals who are convicted of animal abuse and neglect,” said Minority Leader Peter Grimm. “It is in the best interest of our residents and their animals that an online registry be established identifying individuals, living in Rensselaer County,” continued Grimm.

“This legislation is in collaboration with the Rensselaer County Legislature, District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Department, and the Hudson Mohawk Humane Society,” said District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly.  “We are all committed to establishing this necessary and worthwhile program that will protect our animals and block abusers from continuing such cruelty,” added Donnelly.

Although NYS has criminalized the cruel treatment of animals, animal abuse continues to occur in Rensselaer County.  People who have abused animals in the past are likely to do so in the future, and studies show that there is a near-100% recidivism rate for certain types of abuse, such as animal hoarding.  “This registry will send a clear message that Rensselaer County will not tolerate animal cruelty.  More so, statistics show that those who abuse animals are more likely to commit violent acts against humans, this will serve as added protection against these crimes,” said Legislator Carole Weaver.