November 3, 2019



Minority Office Outraged, But Not Surprised By County GOP Actions

In response to the most recent exposure of “strong-arm” political tactics by the Rensselaer County Republican party documented by the Albany Times Union on November 2, 2019 “McLaughlin: I’m the ‘boss’ of Rensselaer County,” (  the Rensselaer County Minority Legislators are outraged to hear the recording of the threatening and violent rage expressed to Troy Mayoral Candidate, Thomas Reale by County Executive Steve McLaughlin, political operative Richard Crist, former Congressman John Sweeney and county employees James Gordon and Jason Kippen.  The recording captures an expletive-laden exchange between GOP leaders and the Troy mayoral candidate Thomas Reale.  The threats and aggressive promise of ruining Reale’s political and personal life by the GOP leadership are well documented on the tape.

“This behavior is outrageous, but does not come as a surprise to us,” said Minority Leader Peter Grimm.  “We have all read about other incidents of rage and threats made by McLaughlin and others over the years and here we are, yet again; it is time for the public to demand better from the people who work for them,” continued Grimm.

“In the recording, these men declare themselves to having a ‘Ph.D. in politics’ and that they run the show,” said Legislator Carole Weaver. “The anarchy in their statements defines a delusional sense that they believe Rensselaer County is a monocracy and Steve McLaughlin has declared himself ‘the boss’ of Rensselaer County,” added Weaver.

“This bullying behavior is not the exception, but the rule when it comes to Rensselaer County GOP.  Well documented, are the many incidents where this team has used violent and abusive behavior to get what they want.  Their methods of intimidation have influenced the outcome of elections, jobs, and services in Rensselaer County, always to benefit themselves and not the people of Rensselaer County,” said Deputy Minority Leader Cindy Doran. “We continuously attempt to expose the underhanded dealings and situations of harassment that continue to come from this GOP leadership only to suffer unfair consequences due to the power-hold these men have over the County’s employees, vendors, and legal counsel,” said Doran.  “I have personally attempted to expose the antics within our county government and suffered loss due to the control the GOP leadership has over the day to day workings of our county,” continued Doran.

“This well documented exposure of the GOP’s unacceptable behavior should bring the public to the point of saying enough,” concluded Grimm.