September 3, 2020

Minority Office files Resolution Urging the Federal Government and New York State to Release Emergency School Funding for Rensselaer County

Troy Legislators Grimm, Doran, Fleming, Burns, Sullivan-Teta and Weaver introduced a bill to request emergency funding to aid Rensselaer County school districts.

“The NYS $ 14.5 billion budget shortfall, due to plummeting NYS revenues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a 20 percent loss in funding for our schools”, said Legislator Mark Fleming.

“These cuts will cause massive layoffs of staff, cuts and significant changes to educational programs and the elimination of most extra-curricular activities”, added Legislator Carole Weaver.

“The consequences of these State aid cuts are far reaching and students are not the only ones directly affected by them. Most households do not have the luxury of stay at home parents or guardians. If most of the district students are forced to learn remotely, it means many parents/guardians now face an impossible choice,” said Deputy Minority leader Cindy Doran.

Considering the substantial government aid to corporate America we need to keep the education of our children a priority when it comes to decisions on funding,” said Minority Leader Peter Grimm.

Legislator Burns asks, “could members of the community reach out to their NYS and Federal representatives (contact below) and ask them to move this funding through immediately.”

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